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We are a "Private Membership Club" for the most elite of clients, businessmen and foreigners.

Members can browse photos and videos and select girls for promotions, modelling, casual escorts and dancers for bachelor parties and private limes.

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To regain viewing access to our membership immediately, call 330-8260. FREE massage for all renewals.

We list some of the most beautiful and classy women this sweet island of Trinidad and Tobago has produced. Have nuff respect and love to the ladies!


If you cannot view our catalogue, your account needs to be authorized. Call or message us to have it re-activated immediately.Bes' Trini Dancer

  • Whatsapp: 473-0209.

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Please note: We do not promote or encourage prostitution at any level. So please keep this in mind before making appointments.

Bes' Trini Management
Dancer's Rates 1/2 hr 1 hrs 2-3 hrs
Local Girls 500 roses 800 roses 1100 roses
Latina Chicas 500 roses 800 roses 1500 roses
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